"Erin is the only architect who wanted to know where we would put our dining room table leaves, or whether we use an electric toothbrush.  Her attention to detail makes your life run much more smoothly." - Diane, Illinois

erin reilly

Personal Design means that your day runs smoothly in a place that makes you feel great.  

What you can expect:

A designer who will quickly get a feel for your style, your wants, your needs

A person who loves efficiency, and will help you to streamline your life so you have more time for the things you love

Save time and money by maximizing what you already have

Help with the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the choices

Fun, exciting shopping experiences

Sketches, samples, mock ups to help you visualize your choices

Stress relief for you with free yoga classes while we work together

Assistance with with kitchens, baths, colors, furniture, or your own retreat space. CLICK HERE FOR DESIGN PHOTOS


              Make every day feel like a personal DAY...