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"I love the partner poses -  I can't wait to do yoga again!" - Eleanor, 11, Wellesley

"The girls all thought it was such fun, but also very relaxing." - Kay, Girl Scout Troop leader, Wellesley


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erin reilly

Yoga is not just for grown ups anymore!

All the good that you get from yoga, you can share with your children, too.  And it's   not just for girls, either!

They'll especially benefit from the greater flexibility of body to help prevent sports injuries, and the greater flexibility of mind to help them deal with the ups and downs of adolescence and the teen years.

We have birthday parties (at our studio or your home), and private or small group instruction (Scout troops,  sports teams, etc.).  Or create your own ongoing class at a time that's convenient for you.

Some kids (especially boys?) might prefer to choose their companions in the room.  So competent on the sports field, they sometimes feel funny being back at the beginning end of things.  It's actually the best thing ever for them, as it teaches them how to deal with being outside of their comfort zone.  But within a few sessions, they'll feel comfortable and fantastic.


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