what to expect

Your Personal DAY comes!  You arrive, park in the driveway, and are greeted by Erin.  Sit down with a cup of tea in the yoga studio to refine your plan, or make your way straight to the action! 

There are places to change and shower accessible from both the yoga studio and the backyard. (The lower level shower actually opens to the backyard, for an outdoor shower feel!)

Erin will guide you in your chosen activities.  Depending on your request, she'll either encourage you to challenge yourself, or she'll challenge you to give yourself a break!  (Often that's a harder task in our culture.)  

She'll point out plants and wildlife you might otherwise miss: a heron at the water's edge; an osprey circling in the sky; a lady slipper tucked alongside the trail.

Erin will bring a yoga mindset and breathing to all activities, keeping you in the moment, whether you are pushing yourself hard up a hill, or gliding peacefully on the water. 

You'll transition from one activity to the next as best suits your mood; no rushing.  If you decide to change the pace, or even an activity, on the fly, that's OK, too.

If you'd prefer to do some of the activities on your own, or with just your friends, family or spouse that you brought along, that can be accomodated as well.

All sessions end with relaxation, either in the yoga studio, or in the hammock...


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Create your personal mini-getaway minutes from home!-MAP

Choose your activities and level of intensity, fitness to bliss.

Or pick one of our packages, for different seasons, and different reasons.

The packages are just a starting point, to give you an idea.

You can choose to do the activities in any order.

You can substitute activities, and mix up the intensities.



Quick Bliss - 1 hour - walking meditation; restorative yoga; hammock time

Quick Fix - 1 hour - trail walk with yoga poses; swim; waterside meditation

Fitness/Swim - 2 hours - long distance swim (accompanied by Erin in kayak for safety); power walk; challenging yoga; finish with relaxation

Bliss/Swim - 2 hours - float on a raft; lakeside sitting meditation; restorative yoga; deep relaxation

Mix/Swim - 2 hours - short distance swim; trail walk with some hills; flow yoga; relaxation

Fitness/Kayak - 3 hours - vigorous kayak (great for the core);trail walk, with hills (great for cardio); challenging flow yoga (great for everything!); finish with relaxation

Bliss/Kayak - 3 hours - calming kayak (soothes the nerves); meditative walk (calms the mind); restorative yoga (replenishes the body); finish with deep relaxation

Mix/Kayak - 3 hours - yoga walk (stop on the trail to do poses, meditate); kayak mix (sprints, then glide in silence); hammock time

Personal DAY - 6 hours - Do it all! A sample day: Leisurely canoe ride, taking in the scenery, with guided meditation; power trail walk, stopping to do yoga poses; take a swim;lunch overlooking the water; have a hammock nap; invigorating flow yoga followed by restorative poses; deep relaxation



Payment - Payment is required to hold your appointment. At this point we only accept checks, made out to Personal DAY and mailed to 28 Bay View Rd. Wellesley, MA 02482, or cash. The payment will be held until the day of your appointment, and refunded in full in case of cancellation by telephone (781.492.8800) with 48 hour notice. Otherwise, if you don't come, you will be charged in full, except in the case of true emergencies.

Cancellations - You must give 48 hour notification of cancellation, by telephone (781.492.8800) or you will be charged in full. Of course this will be waived in the case of true emergencies.

Weather - if the weather conditions are not right for a given activity (raining, too windy on the water, not windy enough, no ice on the pond) you may substitute another activity. If possible, we will try to make available another day, but we cannot guarantee this.

Equipment - We provide almost everything you'll need, from yoga mats to kayak paddles, to sleds.  There are 4 kayaks and one 3-person canoe; these are available if you want to take turns.  There are two hammocks, one lounge chair and one "sky chair".  There is only one windsurfer.  We don't provide ice skates, cross country skis, boots, or poles.  Please come equipped with your own water bottle, sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, trail shoes,  bathing suit, and the like, and perhaps a novel for the hammock.